Water Damage Restoration

If you have noticed brown stains on your ceiling or on your walls then there is good chance you have a slow leak and water damage issue. If this is not addressed the problem will only get much worse and you will not only have water damage but mold. We are here to take care of this and come and inspect you water damage issue. We can use small cameras to drill a hole in the area and do an inspection. Sometimes it is better so you don’t have to take down a patch of the ceiling. We can have a look and see what is needed to repair the issues and take care of the water damage.

Emergency water damage clean up & Mitigation

We refer to emergency water damage clean up by having an inspector on call 24 hours a day. Water can strike at anytime, sometimes it’s a burst pipe in an attic or behind a wall and other times it can be a huge storm blows in and opens up your home to the elements. A leaking roof and badly sealed windows can play a part in this or major flooding in some areas. It is our job to jump on this as soon as the call comes in to us because every second that pipe or flood is not cut off its costing you more and more money in damage costs. We always recommend finding the main property water cut off if the flooding is coming from a burst pipe. If a toilet is overflowing or a tap broken then turn the valve near the base of the toilet or sink. This will shut the water off and minimize the damage. If you are still unsure while all this drama is going on we can help you and guide you over the phone. We will get out there and get straight to work in cleaning up the water. Once we do this and we feel its dry enough we will bring in our big electric fans in to the property to dry the area and take the moister out. It will really make a difference in stopping any future mold growth and any dry wall that’s suffered water damage will be dried. Sometimes depending on the extent of the damage we might have to rip out the drywall to dry in between studding. Drywall can be easily repaired so it’s very important that we get in and totally dry areas between walls so mold does not have a chance at all to grow.

Our Services

Can I Call Now?

You absolutely can call us now. We are here for you 24 hours a day to guide you through the water damage issue you are facing, be it small or large! And our team will be able to come out to you 24 hours a day to deal with any emergency. So call us right now and have our company help you out with advice and ways to stop any further water damage issues. Its’ our job to make sure your home is perfectly cleaned when it comes to mold, flooding, fire and water damage.