Mold Cleanup & Mold Removal Services

Mold is common in most homes where you get a buildup of damp moister. This can be caused from water damage or humidity. Normally attics, crawl spaces and basements see the worst of mold if they are not ventilated properly but it’s a problem that can be fixed easily. Mold restoration experts will most likely take a sample of the mold and have a lab determine what you have in your property. This will then determine what treatment methods are needed to clear up the mold.

Black mold is very common and it can be pretty nasty for one’s health. Toxic black mold causes health issues which can include lung issues, metal impairment, full Immune system trouble, skin, vision and tiredness amongst other things. If you do suspect you have this type of mold its vital that you have someone come out ASAP to take a look. It can have lasting effects on your health so you really don’t want yourself or family members breathing in these toxic spores as they can travel from room to room and even through the ventilation system. Once the mold is cleaned up you will notice any symptoms decrease but if you are older and your immune system is weaker then the toxic mold can have a lasting effect so it is really important that you do not live with this in your home.

How do I know if I have mold?

Determining you have mold can be simply by smell sometimes. Do you smell a musty odor in the air? If you do then chances are you have mold. You need to do an inspection to narrow down where the smell is coming from and take action. We have access to the best mold inspectors to take care of the issue and find exactly where the mold is and what type of mold you have. You will see the growth and it will look like dirt sometimes. Sometimes it can be small black spots in a cluster of an area. Other times it might be an orange and pinkish color. Mold will even be a green or grayish color it comes in many shades and types and each causes different effects on your property and you. If you notice wall paper peeling and bubbling up then chances are you have dampness and this will also indicate mold somewhere. Any past flooding that was not dried up 100% could also be a breeding ground for mold and its spores. Mold loves damp conditions and it will grow and grow unless an area is bone dry.

How do I prevent mold?

Mold takes about 2 days to grow after a water leak or in any condition that is damp. If you have any water leaks then make sure you fix them. Reduce humidity in your home by installing adequate ventilation. Open windows on dry days to air your property out and make sure your exhaust fans are working well in your kitchen and bathrooms. Don’t leave wet clothes in your washing machine as mold will grow fast in these areas and make sure your home is routinely clean.

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