Flood Damage Restoration

While flooding does happen it’s not that common unless you are living in an area that is prone to it. Modern houses normally have new technology built in to prevent flooding and so we normally get called out to older homes and commercial buildings. One of the most common occurrences is water pumps failing and causing issues in basements. You really must make sure your water pumps are maintained on a regular basis otherwise there is no point in having one. If they fail your basement will soon be knee deep in water before you know it and that sort of damage can get expensive to fix. Pumping out the water can be relatively quick but if you also have a toilet in the basement you will also have to possibly deal with raw sewage which is disgusting.

We have the flood experts that are only a phone call away. They help you through the cleanup process every step of the way and our team will have the best and fastest pumps on hand to remove that water in a flash. Not only do we deal with the pumping out of the water we then use the best and most efficient fans in the business to dry up the mess. It can take a week or so to truly dry a damp space so those fans have to be running 24 hours a day. We do use some of the quietest fans on the market but you will unfortunately notice some noise while they are running. Fingers crossed its not to close to the area that you spend the most time within the property.

What does one do when flooding hits?

When any flooding hits you need to act fast. If it’s from an issue in your home then find the main stop valve. If its weather related flooding you can try and sand bag an area to minimize the flooding. We recommend grabbing any possessions that you love that might get lost in the flooding and moving them to a safer place, be it higher ground save what you can. If the potential flooding is happening more slowly grab friends and family and try and move furniture upstairs if you have a 2nd story. Never touch or try to mess around with anything electric if you are standing in water. If you want to save your flat screen TV but there is water creeping in, unless you have turned the main eclectic breaker off do not try and unplug it because you might get electrocuted. And if the shock does not kill you being knocked unconscious and drowning is something that can happen and has happened to people in the past unfortunately. You must be very careful at all times, your life is more important than any material possession.

What’s your availability?

We are one of the biggest flood damage restoration companies in the US. Any flood damage we take care of and we are available 24 hours a day. One of our agents will take your call and write down you information, it will then get dispatched to the team members on call to come out and help you with your flooding issues. You never need to doubt calling our company no matter what time it is, we will always greet you with a warm welcome and provide the best flood damage crews in your area.

Our Services

Can I Call Now?

You absolutely can call us now. We are here for you 24 hours a day to guide you through the water damage issue you are facing, be it small or large! And our team will be able to come out to you 24 hours a day to deal with any emergency. So call us right now and have our company help you out with advice and ways to stop any further water damage issues. Its’ our job to make sure your home is perfectly cleaned when it comes to mold, flooding, fire and water damage.